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social media digital marketing content writing consultation support social media digital marketing content writing consultation support

digital marketing freelancer

About Me

I'm a digital marketing freelancer based in Sheffield. I specialise in social media, content and online advertising, but I'm happy enough doing anything digital. People hire me for a variety of purposes, sometimes they need full project management, sometimes they want me to create them a social campaign from scratch and sometimes they just want me to take a look at what they're already doing and see how it can be tweaked. I've been in the business for over 10 years. Early on in my career, I worked for a global tech startup which went to IPO. Since then, I've built up a reputation as a trusted freelancer, working for agencies and businesses alike. You can find out more about me and my work history on LinkedIn.


campaign creation and implementation
Blogs emails ebooks and white papers
Creation, monitoring or technical adjustments

free consultation

Let's chat over a cuppa

Let me know how I can help you. If you have a project in mind and need advice on how to proceed, want to know what you should be doing to get more leads or just want to find out a bit more about what I do, I'm always happy to give free initial consultations.

Get in touch for a free consultation




First of all, I get to know you, your business and your customer in depth. Then I sketch out some ideas of what we are going to work on and what it's going to look like. Research is on-going each month.


I then upload, format and monitor responses. I always show my clients content before it is published if you wish, but I'm happy to go ahead and work independently if you don't.


I am a big lover of statistics. I see marketing as a science project that should be measured carefully and changed quickly if needed. I supply you with a chart of results each month.


The results are in, how have things gone? Perhaps we need to put more time and budget here, and less there. My campaigns are constantly evolving in order to improve results over time.


We're now number 1 in Google and our traffic continues to grow in a very competitive market place

I have been highly impressed with the quality of Katie's work. We're now number 1 in Google and our traffic continues to grow in a very competitive market place. I consider Katie a trusted member of my team.

John Wood Sheffield Physiotherapy

A true craftsperson

Katie has consistently grown and managed the social media presence and metrics of several of our key clients. Katie understands how brands communicate. She has a unique ability to convey the correct tone of voice across social channels whilst constantly growing the metrics. A true craftsperson.

Tom Storer The Black Eye Project