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Award – Project With The Biggest Impact

By Katie Barber,posted on April 1, 2018

In March I won my first ever award!

I am a keen volunteer and I wanted to share a little about myself and my volunteering with you.

Last summer I started working with Building Better Opportunities, an organisation in Sheffield which helps people on long-term unemployment. The service users at Building Better Opportunities (or BBO) all have their own reasons for their unemployment, whether it be disability, lack of confidence or other responsibilities like caring for a relative. They all have one thing in common though – they would like to become more active in the community and find a job, or some kind of occupation.

After meeting with BBO and being interviewed about how I could help their service users, I was asked to run a confidence workshop, so that I could help more people at once than mentoring alone. I’ve had my own journey with lack of confidence, and my own struggle to become a thriving confident person and I was sure I could help other people take the same steps.

The project had such good feedback from the service users that I was nominated for an award at the South Yorkshire Housing Association volunteer awards. I won project with the biggest impact – the competition was very stiff!

I am thrilled that my input has been recognised and that I made such a big impact. I would like to say thank you to BBO for allowing me to have the opportunity to work with people seeking to improve their lives.

This year I am working with an organisation called Mums in Need to help women who have left abusive relationships. As a mother myself and having experience with abuse, I am very excited to help.

If you have even a little time to volunteer, I would highly recommend it. I have got so much back from volunteering and it’s been very worthwhile to me.


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