Use specific demographics to target your perfect customer.

Nobody reads ads, people read what interests them.

Sometimes, it’s an ad.

Howard Gossage, Advertiser 1917-1969

Facebook ads can target a customer down to the very smallest detail. If you need someone who is a certain gender and age, in a specific location, with an income over a certain amount, who's likely to buy a car, or who's had a baby or who's looking at moving house. If you need someone who's been reading about insurance policies - Facebook can find them.

Facebook ads tend to be much cheaper than Google Ads. Google ad's work on competition and bidding, so bids can get as high as $100 and a cheap bid could be something around £1.50. Facebook uses a different system, the more popular your ad is the less it's likely to cost you and can work out as cheap as 25 pence a click.

An ad can be stopped at any time and retargeted for optimum results.

My clients have seen a huge return in ROI from Facebook advertising. Ever since the updates to Facebook Pixel, we can now remarket to anybody who’s viewed our webpage through Facebook. We can remarket using the information from different URLs, so if somebody is interested in a particular service, we can remarket that service to them.


  • • You can aim for different ad objectives, whether it be store visits, online purchases, web conversions, web traffic or simply brand awareness through video views or boosted content.
  • • You can capture leads from Facebook without the user having to leave the interface.
  • • You can reach very specific demographics.
  • • You can remarket important parts of your website, like a product page or contact form.
  • • You can advertise on third party websites or Instagram through Facebook ads without needing an Instagram account.
  • • You can use video, picture, slideshow, collection or carousel formats with many other options.


Facebook ads allow us to be specific in our targeting and experimental with different ads so that we can be sure we are targeting the right person, again and again if necessary.

As well as using remarketing data from Facebook Pixel, I can use your email lists to advertise to current customers or prospects.

What ever your objective and whoever your customer is, I can develop a campaign that will deliver a key message and get results. I can work with any budget size to target customers in any location.


  • • If you don’t have time to do Facebook ads in-house.
  • • If you’d like to benefit off my experience and knowledge.
  • • Hiring a freelancer is less risky and expensive than hiring someone in-house.
  • • No need to worry about training.
  • • I use software and tools that are expensive for individual customers to buy.
  • • Peace of mind that the work is being taken care of without you having to lift a finger.


Would you like to know more about how your business could use Facebook ads? Contact me for a free consultation.



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