Reach customers who are already looking for a service like yours.

There's no point throwing money at AdWords and just hoping that relevant traffic comes your way. Google AdWords campaigns should be regularly monitored and results focused.

It's easy to burn through an AdWords budget using a few expensive and competitive keywords, but breaking down the project into several campaigns using a wider spectrum of keywords allows for a more successful project.

Using Google AdWords is a good investment if you want to compete for search traffic from people who are already looking for your service or product. If done right, Google AdWords can result in high conversions.

Google AdWords is not a replacement of other kinds of advertising, it should be specifically used to supplement search engine optimisation. There may be many different reasons why Google AdWords could work for you and different ways it can be used. This is best discussed over a free consultation.

I am Google AdWords certified and can provide case studies of campaigns with a successful ROI.


  • • Ad’s and campaigns for each different service, with unique landing pages.
  • • Sensible bidding.
  • • Proper keyword research, utilising long tail keywords and negative phrases.
  • • Localised.
  • • Remarketing. Remarket to customers who are more likely to buy.
  • • Device relevant. Tailor ads to mobile, or desktop.
  • • Use Google AdWords to improve search presence where it is lacking.


It’s very easy to go through budget quickly on Google AdWords. Many agencies charge a percentage of the spend for Google AdWords, with a minimum fee. This means it’s basically in their best interest for you to spend high amounts of money. When I’ve taken over campaigns I’ve seen people throw money away on keywords that are the most likely to be clicked on – such as company name, rather than a real attempt to fetch in new business from poorly ranking keywords. Often ads are not localised in order to attract as many clicks as possible. I work at an hourly rate, which is pre-agreed with my client. Because of my attention to detail, my clients see valuable campaigns with a good return on investment – not expensive with a high level of irrelevant traffic.


  • • If you don’t have time to do Google AdWords in-house.
  • • If you’d like to benefit off my experience and knowledge.
  • • Hiring a freelancer is less risky and expensive than hiring someone in-house.
  • • No need to worry about training.
  • • I use software and tools that are expensive for individual customers to buy.
  • • Peace of mind that the work is being taken care of without you having to lift a finger.


Would you like to know more about how I can work with your business on Google AdWords? Contact me for a free consultation.



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