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It depends on the agency! However, I have taken over accounts from very large agencies and achieved better results. If you've had lack lustre results from an agency, there is no reason why a freelancer wouldn't be able to perform a better job.Agencies charge big fees because they have high expenses for rent, staff and VAT. Agencies tend to be anonymous so that you can't really be sure who is undertaking your actual day to day work.I am certain that I provide much better value for money than using a big agency.
Not for the foreseeable future, although there is no guarantee that this won't change.
I do not hand over any projects unless they are things I cannot do myself, such as graphic or web design. In this case, I would recommend people for the client to chose, I take no commission or referral fee for this type of work. I am very well connected so have a wealth of people who can help out on campaigns if needed.As the digital industry requires many new recruits, I see it as a duty to help train university students and apprentices. I often work with students who assist on projects, but always under my guidance.
I provide monthly reports to my clients which are transparent about results. I would be aiming to get a steady increase of web traffic and business month on month.
I have availability for new clients, but aim to take on only one new client every other month. This is because the first few months working with a new client takes time and focus.To discuss whether you would be able to commence working with me this year please send me a message.
Sadly I've heard of many cases where people have invested thousands into digital marketing and seen no return on investment. The internet is essentially, a very new resource to business and this means that many people simply do not have the know how to make it a success. I always say that a business should assess ROI after 3-6 months of investing into a marketer and if it's not working, the project should be given to somebody else.Many agencies work on 6-month tie in contracts, I have a monthly rolling contract which can be stopped at any time. I have very good client retention but if for any reason you felt like you wanted to stop working with me, you are free to do so.
I typically work for customers in the service industry or who work selling B2B. Usually, I work with websites that have a follow-up process, not websites that sell B2C products online.I work with businesses of all ages and sizes. I have experience with solopreneurs and micro businesses as well as multinational PLC's.
Every business is different and requires different services so no, I don't work to packages. However, please bear in mind that I usually work with budgets of £300 and over, so if your budget is very small I may not be able to assist you.
No, I charge no commission fees. My clients see tens of thousands per month in ROI but this is not mine to take. I charge a basic monthly rate. I do not accept commission only offers.
No, I can work with clients internationally and have clients who are happy to meet via skype webcam.

If you have a new employee who you'd like training up I am happy to work with you on this at an hourly fee.

Depending on the event, I may be able to. I have worked on the Resilience Not Reliance event in Sheffield & Leeds and done a workshop for Digital Cafe Sheffield. I am currently planning events with Building Better Opportunities and Sheffield Growth Hub.

Yes, I am currently working on the Venture Matrix project at Sheffield Hallam Uni and am happy to work on guest lecturing projects.

Yes, providing I have enough time I may have availability to take on people who want mentoring or work experience. Whether it's a summer internship or just some guidance.


If you'd like more details, don't hesitate to contact me.