Already have someone in-house who could use a bit of guidance?


With digital marketing being a brand new and generally understaffed industry, it can be difficult to find staff who have experience.

If you have taken on an apprentice or junior staff member to run the marketing side of your business, or if you’ve allocated someone like an office manager to run the social media accounts, you may wish to look at training options.

Training is a great way to add value to your current team, and can be more cost effective than hiring a freelancer to do the work.

I can provide structured training sessions for a select number of local clients.


I’ve worked in digital marketing for over ten years now, working for 5 as an independent freelancer/consultant.

My work experience has predominantly been in IT marketing and B2B, although as a freelancer I have worked with all kinds of clients, predominantly in the B2B or service areas.

I have run several training workshops, including with Sheffield Growth Hub and I regularly work with the Sheffield Hallam students on their Venture Matrix projects.

I have been offering 1 to 1 training and personalised training workshops for 3 years.

One of my workshops won an award for ‘Project with the Biggest Impact’ at the South Yorkshire Housing Association awards.


If you need someone to speak or deliver a workshop at your event, please message me with more details.


  • • How to create a marketing strategy.
  • • How to create a content and social media calendar.
  • • Which software to use for social media management and how to use it.
  • • WordPress/website admin and basic development.
  • • How to get the best out of a CRM.
  • • How to create and manage email campaigns.
  • • How to create and manage Google AdWord campaigns.
  • • How to create and manage Facebook Advertising campaigns.
  • • How to do in-depth research for content ideas for your industry.
  • • How to improve proofreading.
  • • How to create a marketing report, including use of Google Analytics.
  • • Signposting to appropriate free training courses.


3 hours in-house training per month.

2 x 30 minute phone/Skype calls per month.

Email support.


There are many free workshops, training courses and online resources which can help to bring a digital marketer up to speed and that’s great! As this industry is constantly changing, it’s good to be always learning.

However, not everyone has the same learning style and without experience, starting a new career or having a new responsibility in digital marketing can feel like you’re being chucked in at the deep end! While staff members are trying to learn by trial and error, valuable time and resources are being eaten up – and it’s always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes if possible!

I’ve been offering training courses for quite a while now, and after delivering set courses and workshops I really feel like 1 on 1 training that is personal and customised helps the individual take more away than they would from a one fits all style course.

Training workshops aimed at the masses may be either too basic or too advanced, meaning that hours have been lost and only one or two things have been learned.

People who are new to digital marketing may be unsure what to learn first and unsure whether their current work is performing. While some business owners and managers feel confident at training their own staff members, many are also unsure about digital marketing or simply don’t have enough time.

I am currently offering 1 to 1 training for a select number of clients, if you feel like you need either more or less time discussed in the package please let me know so that we can work together to design something that is the perfect fit.


If you feel like you need to be able to hand your work over to a freelancer or consultant, I am a trusted and reliable independent marketer as well as a trainer.If you'd like to hear more about my services, please send me a message telling me a little bit more about you and your business...



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